We will be there for you throughout the entire process along with a Real Estate Attorney to assist you.


  1. List the home for sale and sign the required forms. The listing agreement will state that your lender(s) is required to pay all fees. You will have ZERO cost to us or the attorney’s we work with. If you prefer, we will not post a for sale sign at your home and we promise to be discreet.
  2. Gather and provide the financial information your lender(s) requires.
  3. Find a buyer and negotiate purchase price/terms with buyer as well as confirming there loan approval or proof of funds for a cash buyer.
  4. Send purchase contract, listing agreement, and all required documents to your lender(s).
  5. Your lender(s) will send out an appraiser or a realtor to assess the current market value of your property.
  6. Continue to follow up with your lender and gather any other requested information.
  7. Once your lender issues an approval we will insure the buyer is moving forward with their own mortgage or update there proof of funds.
  8. Review the lenders short sale approval and insure the waiver of deficiency. Your attorney and title company will prepare the closing figures to finalize all the numbers with your lender(s).
  9. Prepare to move and close on your home. We can assist you in locating a rental property and the best strategy for getting a landlord to accept you as a renter. ( We are landlords ourselves and we know good strategies to take).
  10. Close the sale of the property, you do not have to attend the closing in most cases. Your attorney can allow you to presign the documents needed.